8 Ways to Get Discounts on Your Purchases

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The best way to save money is usually to avoid shopping in the first place, but even the best penny-pinchers among us have to shop sometimes. And when you’ve got to buy something, you might as well try to get the best price you possibly can. Here’s how to keep a little more money in your pocket when you go shopping.


Shop through a cash-back site online.

Ebates, Extrabux, Shop at Home, and Swagbucks are all examples of this type of site. By simply shopping through these sites, which are like portals for thousands of online stores you know and love, you can earn a small rebate. It’s free and easy!


Use a rewards credit card.

Most major credit card companies offer a card with rewards or cash back options. These typically give a rebate or bonus at a rate of 1%. That’s not particularly generous, but if you use the card for everyday purchases, 1% can add up over the course of a month. Be careful, though. If you charge more than you can pay each month, you’ll pay more in interest than you’ll be paid in rewards. You can use this calculator to see exactly how much interest you’d pay so that you can make an informed decision.


Use a credit card to get discounts.

Often, stores give special coupons and discounts to shoppers if they pay with their store credit card. Of course, this reminder bears repeating: Don’t charge more than you can pay off, because the interest you pay on the credit card will likely be more than the discount you received.

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Sign up for email lists.

Companies often send great coupons through email, so sign up with the businesses you frequently purchase from. It’s free and you can always unsubscribe if your shopping habits change.


Follow brands on social media.

Sale alerts, discounts, and coupons are frequently shared by brands via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Search for online coupons and discounts.

Before you check out anywhere online, search to see if there’s a promotional code you can apply. Do a search for “XYZ store discount,” “XYZ store coupon,” and “XYZ store promotion” just to make sure you see all the discounts available.


Ask for a price match.

At the store, use your smart phone to find the best price on the item you want to buy and ask the store if they’ll match that price. The worst you can hear is no, and more often, you’ll hear yes because the store doesn’t want to lose that sale.


Ask for a price-adjustment after your purchase.

If you buy something and then see it go on sale shortly afterwards, check if the company will adjust the price you paid down to the sale price by giving you a credit.


Getting discounts only takes a small amount of time and can save you big money, so always ask yourself, “How could I get a discount on this?” before you make a purchase.


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