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Condo living is a great way of life and if you are thinking about moving from one condo then you will need to be prepared to think about the condo that you are living in to make sure that it will appeal to other people.

Preparing The Inside

It is important that before you list your condo for sale that you consider that the inside is prepared for the listing. If it is clean and tidy is one thing but you might need to consider that the paint is clean and free of marks. The better the condo looks on the inside the more people it will appeal to.

  • Make sure that the inside of the condo is tidy.
  • Make sure that all paint work is clean and mark free
  • Make sure that the condo smells nice and clean, no stale aromas.


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Preparing The Communal Areas

You might have a great HOA and find that they are really good at keeping things looking nice, but you might want to go the extra mile and make sure that all communal areas are kept clean and tidy. These areas will be high on the list that potential buyers of the property will be looking closely at these areas because they will reflect the standard of the HOA. If they look dirty and unclean this can reflect badly on your potential sale.

Preparing The Outside

It is always a good idea to make sure that the outside can be given a spruce up and to look like it is well cared for. This again will depend how well your HOA works and if they are keeping on top of the jobs around the condo, if the care seems lacking a quick tidy up can benefit, or you can address this at a meeting that areas are not being kept in accordance to the HOA agreement.

  • Make sure that communal areas are tidy
  • Make sure that you keep these areas smell free, a clean fresh hallway will impress potential buyers
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  • Make sure that the outside of the building looks like it is care for, if there are any issues bring these up with the HOA before you intend to put the condo on the market.

Bin Area

One area that is always forgotten and is normally asked about is the bin area. It is always good practice to make sure that any rubbish is placed inside solid bins because large buildings with rubbish can attract vermin and this will not make a good impression on potential owners. Bring the issue up in a meeting to get the area addressed before you put your property up for sale.

  • Rubbish is kept in solid bins and the area is tidied regularly
  • No sign of vermin, if there is then this needs to be taken care of by the HOA and an appointed qualified extermination company.
  • Full co-operation from all residents that this is an important area that needs to be kept clean and tidy.