Think About This When You Assess Home Value

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In the event that you want to make a real estate investment and you want to buy a home, you want to be sure that you completely understand the value of the property. This does seem to be quite simple but proper analysis is much more complicated than what you may believe at the moment. You will need to think about various different factors. In order to help you make a really good decision, let us think about those factors that have the highest impact on value.

Physical Location

If you take a look at this page, you will notice how important location is in determining home value. Two homes that are practically identical and that are located in different neighborhoods will have significantly different values.

You cannot change home location and the problem is that what happens around the home will change value on the long run. Because of this, the first thing that you want to learn as much as possible about is geographical location, together with potential modifications that could appear in the future.

Home Condition

Home condition obviously has an impact on property value. This is a factor that can be controlled and can impact long term value. There are many potential future buyers that will not worry much about home condition but as an investor this is vital as you want to be able to make a good property in the future. In most situations you will want to buy something that is in a poorer condition so that after making improvements and repairs, property value could go really high up.

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The Curb Appeal

Home curb appeal is determined based on various facts like landscaping, lack of garbage, maintenance, new paint and having an overall clean look. You definitely can judge a book by the cover in the real estate industry. Everyone will look at how the property looks at from the outside. You can have a perfect interior design done behind the doors but value will be a lot lower than it could be if the exterior is not at all perfect.


Extras that appear in a home will automatically improve value. For instance, common amenities that can appear include custom cabinets, granite counter tops, walk in closets, new tiles, hardwood flooring, a sprinkling system or a brand new window covering. Local real estate agents normally have to be considered in order to see what the local market appreciates the most. Such data will help you to get a really high ROI for the money you will spend.

Local Real Estate Market

National news will tell you differently but the truth is that real estate marketers are normally local based. This means that the real value of a home is mostly determined at local levels. Whenever the appraisers and the agents look at home value, the recently sold properties that are similar will be used as a comparison. The markets will be different and that is why determining true home value is something that is really hard.