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Multiple factors impacting career availability in Bangladesh. These include demand and supply as well as ever-evolving technology rendering certain jobs obsolete.

Financial analyst is one of Bangladesh’s highest-paying professions, but requires dedication and time. However, its rewards are substantial.

Garments Sector

Garment Sector in Bangladesh is an extremely profitable industry that generates considerable foreign currency earnings and employment for women throughout the nation. Women employed within this industry have found financial independence through this employment, gained greater participation within family affairs, as well as contributing their ideas and opinions into public debate.

Major garment brands have since the Rana Plaza collapse committed themselves to improving factory conditions and workers’ rights in Bangladesh, thanks in large part to the Accord on Building and Fire Safety; an agreement among government, factories, foreign buyers and foreign inspection bodies that introduced an inspection process for fire safety.

However, the RMG industry still faces numerous hurdles to ensuring its employees receive fair pay. Women tend to earn less than men and receive shorter maternity leaves compared with male employees, making it hard for them to meet basic family needs. Furthermore, legal protections against abusive employers remain weak – in four days a CEO from one of Bangladesh’s top fashion brands would earn as much money as one garment worker will in their entire lifetime! In addition, environmental destruction from garment factory wastewater being dumped into rivers contributes significantly to water pollution issues affecting millions of lives.


Surgeon is one of the highest-paying careers in Bangladesh, playing an essential role in healthcare and revolutionizing medical industry. However, being a surgeon requires extensive training and work. Although dangerous at times, surgeons also enjoy fulfilling and satisfying careers; therefore it is wise to do research on various positions prior to making your application in order to save time and money while making sure you pursue the appropriate career.

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Lawyering in Bangladesh can be an exceptionally lucrative career path. Lawyers play an invaluable role in representing their clients during lawsuits and providing accurate legal advice pertaining to legal rights and responsibilities, helping navigate court systems efficiently, as well as offering representation in cases. A good attorney should possess extensive legal knowledge while being able to give accurate advice with precision; also they must communicate well.

An architect is a trained professional who creates designs and builds structures. Working closely with their clients to meet their design requirements. In Bangladesh, architects typically earn between 436,200 to 1,510,400 BDT on average – this figure serves as the median salary. However, keep in mind that salaries may differ depending on location, skillset or gender so if your salary falls short of this mark you may need to ask for an increase or find new opportunities.


Lawyering can be an rewarding profession that provides good income and career advancement opportunities, yet also has high stress levels that may cause depression. Therefore, having a solid support network and mental health infrastructure in order to thrive as an attorney is paramount for their success.

Financial analysts are in great demand in Bangladesh due to the country’s fast-paced economic development. Furthermore, financial analyst jobs offer excellent pay and compensation packages for your work.

An investment analyst is a professional who studies market trends and economic data. Additionally, they make recommendations regarding investing strategies while providing reports to clients about these analyses. Investment analysts typically earn a salary of approximately $30,000.

Bank managers offer competitive salaries in both the public and private sectors of Bangladesh. Other high-paying jobs available here include working in garment production, teaching English or tourism-related careers.

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SEO Expert

Bangladesh offers many rewarding careers that provide people with a high quality of life while offering good wages. While some top jobs require advanced degrees and may not be accessible to everyone, you can still find your ideal career there if you possess the appropriate skills and have a desire to learn.

An SEO specialist monitors search trends to assist businesses in keeping their websites visible to prospective customers. This role requires knowledge in all aspects of SEO – on-page and technical SEO as well as the most up-to-date knowledge on search engine algorithm updates – along with a strong grasp on business goals and customer requirements for optimizing websites according to those goals.

This career offers one of the highest monthly salaries in Bangladesh, at 95,000 taka on average. Additionally, its demand is worldwide and makes for an excellent home-based opportunity.

Writing can be an extremely satisfying profession, especially for those who possess the talent of creating viral stories. A writer in Bangladesh can earn up to 100,000 taka per month as an income from writing. But it takes time and commitment for this career path to take shape; patience must also be shown while cultivating passion for writing while looking to enhance skills further and target a niche audience.

Banking Sector

Banking sector employment is one of the most desirable jobs for young people in Bangladesh, offering many advantages over other professions in terms of wages and job security. Banking is also considered an engine of economic development in Bangladesh and represents one of its primary sources of revenue.

There are various banking professionals. Examples include bank tellers, credit analysts and mortgage consultants – each having its own set of duties to fulfill and all focusing on managing people’s money in some form or another. Some positions require specific educational qualifications while others can be more general in nature.

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Financial analysts are an invaluable asset for any organization, helping set targets, outperform competitors and manage risk effectively. One of the highest paying careers available in Bangladesh and requiring completion of a Chartered Financial Analyst course.

Accountants work in the internal accounting department of companies. Their duties involve recording all transactions and producing financial statements; typically earning at least 50,000 BDT monthly. Other highly paying careers in Bangladesh include electrical and civil engineers who work for multinational or local firms – their salaries depend on both type of company as well as experience level.

Telco Sector

Telecommunication is one of the best careers available in Bangladesh, offering many advantages and an attractive salary. It makes an ideal starting point for newcomers looking for new experiences; employees also receive weekly holidays which coincide with public holidays making working conditions comfortable for employees.

Garments sector jobs in Bangladesh are an expanding field with ample pay and career prospects. Recognizable brands like H&M, Walmart and ZARA purchase ready-made garments from Bangladesh which has drawn young people towards this profession – especially those interested in technology who enjoy working hands-on with garments.

Banking sector jobs in Bangladesh are highly esteemed and respected careers that attract many young people looking for work opportunities in Bangladesh. Banking managers play a crucial role in this industry by taking important decisions, investing wisely and communicating with customers directly.

Financial analysts are responsible for examining an organization’s finances and helping to make sound financial decisions. This professional job pays well both locally and worldwide – expect at least 100,000 BDT monthly with this sector!