Best Paid Jobs Per Hour In Australia

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People are naturally looking for jobs that are really well paid and should always focus on the opportunities that are available before choosing a career. While it is obvious that you need to do something that you will love in life, it is interesting to take a look at the different jobs and how much they are paid per hour. That may have an impact on the choice that you are about to make. Financial stability is important for most of us.


Time worth is important and if you are an anaesthetist in Australia, it will be worth over $121 in average. We will go through various jobs here and it is quite obvious that some are easy to expect like the dentist or the financial dealer. However, there are some really interesting surprises that we do need to take a look at. The Australian average is of around $34.5 per hour. With this in mind, it is quite obvious that many of the jobs below will be a huge surprise for many.

Let us not waste much time and jump right into the list of the best paid jobs in Australia. When you read the article differences may exist but right now this is what we have:

  1. Anaesthetists – $121
  2. Internal medicine specialist – $88
  3. Medical Practitioners – $69 – this includes pathologists, interventional radiologists, dermatologists and other groups
  4. Dental practitioners – $69
  5. Mining engineers – $65
  6. Power generation operators – $63
  7. Barristers – $61
  8. Financial dealers – $60
  9. Geophysicists and geologists – $59
  10. University tutors and lecturers – $57
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The list can obviously go on with great rates but we need to see these as the most important ones. Out of the various ones that are a surprise if we go down to place 20, we should make some honorable mentions. This includes marine transport professionals with $57 per hour, ICT systems analysts with $53 and lift operators with $54. Number 20 on the list of best paid jobs in Australia is occupied by medical imaging professionals. They earn around $52 per hour.