How To Cancel Cell Phone Contracts Without Paying Fees

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One thing that many do not know is that early termination fees on a cell phone contract can end up being really high. Most of the firms will charge around $200 if you want to cancel before terms are fulfilled and it is quite obvious that you will want to go around that fee. Luckily, there are ways to get out of the cell phone deal without having to pay a single dollar. This is mainly because of the huge competition that exists between the companies. You can take advantage of many different deals you did not know much about.

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Cell Phone Providers Change Contract Terms

In the event that this happens, the contract can be terminated without any fee. Most of the states will require the companies to offer an advance notice before the changes would happen and consent is necessary before increasing costs or even extending contract lengths. With this in mind, if you do not like the new deal or you are just looking for a way out, it is the fastest method that exists.

Transfer Contract To Another Person

One way to do this is to transfer the contract to a person that you already know. This is a free, really easy to accomplish process that can be done in twenty minutes over the phone when both parties are available. You will need to go through an Assumption of Liability, which will legally transfer the rest of your contract to the other person.

You can also transfer the service to any third party in the event that you find a person that would be willing to get the contract from you. It is practically the same process but you use another person to find a match. There are some websites that allow you to do this for free and there are also some that are paid. You can easily locate an individual that is interested in taking over a contract.

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Complain In The Proper Way

What should you do in the event that you have to deal with dropped calls, calls that often go to a voice mail or if the service is spotty? You naturally complain. That is normal but you have to do it properly. Make sure that you are professional and polite when you contact the customer service representative. Explain your situation and always have patience. In the event that this is the very first time it happened, you can ask for discounts or recompenses. When you have recurring problems, you can actually get out of the contract without paying termination fees. It helps if you often keep records and if you regularly make phone calls.

Complaints may need to be elevated since the first customer support service will not have authority to help you out with much. You have to always be polite and in the event that you cannot go through the chain naturally, complaining to the Federal Trade Commission or the Better Business Bureau can help.

Transfer To Carriers That Pay Termination Fees.

The above mentioned stiff competition can easily lead towards companies paying your early termination fees. That is because they try to do all that they can in order to get new clients. The best example that can be mentioned is T-Mobile. It is well-known for covering early termination fees when you move your phone contract to them.