Orthodontists Career Overview

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Orthodontists are paid really well, which should come as no surprise given the fact that we are talking about dentists that are specialized in prevention and treatment of various dental irregularities, in most cases by applying dental braces. You have to read about professional responsibilities, together with the education requirements in order to see what you have to do to get to one of the best paid jobs in USA for the past few years.

Orthodontists Career

The orthodontist normally works together with an assistant in order to analyze and then solve patient dental problems. The regular daily activities range from evaluating needs to fitting orthodontic appliances. After proper certification and education are received, the orthodontist can join a practice that is already established or open his/her very own practice.

Becoming An Orthodontist

The college undergraduate that wants to go through this career needs to go through a science major coursework. Keep in mind that the dental schools are highly restrictive. The admission requirements usually involve good DAT scores, recommendations and even higher grade point average. As soon as you are admitted, you will have to go through a 4 years program. Then, 3 extra years are needed to be specialized in orthodontic training. State licenses will be needed in order to practice and extra certification may be necessary and offered by the American Board of Orthodontists or American Dental Association.

Necessary Skills

The really important part of orthodontics is dentistry knowledge, which is always connected to academic study, together with hands-on practice. The orthodontists have to always pay a really close attention to details, work very well with their hands, properly communicate with patients and assistants and operate highly advanced tech tools.

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Salary Outlook

According to the US BLS, orthodontist income is based on location and experience. A regular annual salary stands out at around $186,000 but it is growing. The employment prospects are always going to be favorable. There is a 16% growth that is expected until 2022 so finding a job will not at all be difficult.

To make matters even more interesting, there are some alternate career options that open up for the orthodontist. For starters, we have the optometrists. They can expect an average salary per year of around $109,000 and is responsible for treating and diagnosing eyes diseases. You can also consider podiatrists. These professionals will treat and identify injuries and diseases of the lower leg, foot and ankle.