The Best Careers in Berlin For English Speakers

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Fears over finding work are one of the primary concerns for newcomers arriving in Berlin. However, international companies are actively hiring, with plenty of jobs that English speakers can fill.

1. IT

Tech & software jobs in Berlin are highly sought-after as the city is known for its vibrant start-up scene, but other roles like online marketing, business intelligence, sales or customer support may also prove highly attractive to companies looking for international experience.

Knowing your industry inside and out will greatly enhance your interview success. Do your research on the company – make an effort to comprehend their strategy, their place in the market, and past performance.

Salary levels in Germany depend heavily on your field, qualifications and experience. Doing research beforehand will enable you to know how much you should ask for an interview in Berlin without underselling yourself – using job boards in Berlin with different English keywords is a good place to start looking!

2. Media

Berlin provides plenty of opportunities for those interested in radio, TV, film, publishing, photography and social media careers. Renowned educational establishments also provide degrees in these areas.

City life also boasts an energetic start-up scene that has attracted considerable interest. These companies often demonstrate greater flexibility with respect to German skills requirements and seek motivated, enthusiastic candidates who will quickly integrate themselves into their teams.

Jobs advertised through Jobted, Xing and ArbeitNow often require having your CV written professionally in English with a photo attached, and any errors ironed out before submission. Join job-related Facebook groups to meet local employers and recruiters as well as people in your industry; be on time for interviews as punctuality is taken very seriously in Germany.

3. Finance

Many newcomers to Berlin find themselves struggling to secure work that meets both their professional needs and provides them with financial security. This challenge can be especially daunting for non-German speakers as the language barrier often hinders the application process significantly.

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Mercifully, London is quickly emerging as a global hub, with international companies opening shop left and right and start-up scene flourishing exponentially – creating many roles for English speakers.

Financial careers offer generous remuneration, with some of Germany’s highest-paying jobs within this industry. Portfolio managers are responsible for investing huge sums of money wisely and are accordingly highly compensated. Airline pilots also enjoy great salaries after undergoing extensive training programs and flying hours; additionally this requires immense concentration and focus from them as well.

4. Marketing

Berlin is famed for its vibrant start-up scene and is home to numerous international companies with offices here, making Berlin an important European hub.

Marketing jobs offer both impressive growth potential and high average salaries, making them an appealing career option for newcomers to the city. English speakers often find employment in marketing.

At interviews, it is crucial that you present yourself in the best light possible – this means crafting an impressive cover letter (Anschreiben) tailored specifically to the company and job – if necessary with help from professionals.

Research everything possible about the company you’re applying to before sending off an application. Do your homework on what they stand for and their recent performance; this knowledge will give you an edge over other candidates. Plenty of resources exist online such as LinkedIn and press releases; additionally many large German firms offer generous referral bonuses of EUR1000-2000 when employees refer someone successfully hired through referral bonuses.

5. Sales

Experience in sales can open doors in Berlin. Many international corporations maintain offices here and hire professional who speak both English and other languages fluently.

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However, it’s important to bear in mind that local German candidates with extensive experience will be fierce competition for your position. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to have a native English speaker examine your CV and optimize LinkedIn profile specifically for Germany.

Keep in mind that interview processes vary with every company. Before going in for an interview, be sure to do an exhaustive investigation of them by researching their website, social media pages, press releases etc. This will allow you to stand out among other candidates by showing that your knowledge of both company and industry increases the odds of securing employment.

6. Creative Industry

Berlin is widely recognized as an incubator of creativity and innovation, boasting both an active music/entertainment scene and an emerging start-up community. Many international companies have established headquarters here, creating abundant job opportunities for those with creative minds.

Germany’s tech industry is experiencing tremendous growth, which offers opportunities for those with relevant expertise to find work across many roles. To be competitive though, you will require learning some German in order to succeed.

Many employers require salary expectations at the application stage, making it essential that you establish them before beginning your search. One effective method for doing this in Berlin is joining job-related Facebook groups where freelance professionals, startup entrepreneurs and recruiters can connect.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized and easy to find by reaching ‘All-Star’ status; recruiters will find your profile easier to locate as a result.

7. Healthcare

Berlin has an unprecedented demand for qualified healthcare workers, making the city an excellent option for English-speaking healthcare professionals looking for work overseas.

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Healthcare jobs tend to offer attractive compensation packages. Some of the highest-paying professions include surgeons, doctors, nurses and dentists – roles which typically require extensive education & clinical training as well as an application process with stringent requirements.

Medical specialists, neuroscientists and biotechnology researchers enjoy high salaries. These roles provide excellent opportunities to advance within an area you love while making a significant impact on people’s lives.

Take your time when applying for jobs and make sure that your CV and cover letter are tailored specifically to the position. Have someone review it to check for errors, grammar and typos; having an attractive CV increases its chance of being shortlisted for interview. In addition, join job-related Facebook groups so you can meet local employers, recruiters and hiring managers directly.

8. English

English-speaking candidates in Berlin can find employment in multiple sectors – marketing, sales and customer service; IT development; software engineering; gastronomy & data science are just some examples; startup companies in particular often welcome English-speaking candidates if their salaries can afford them.

As international companies increase in Berlin, its diverse culture can increasingly be seen in its workforce. There are also an increasing number of bars, restaurants and kitchens with English-speaking staff that employ them.

If you’re moving to Berlin and seeking employment, it is essential that your visa be in order before arriving (if required). Also helpful is making yourself accessible should potential employers or recruiters show interest in your CV/LinkedIn profile; therefore it may be worthwhile having a native English content editor proofread them prior to sending them out to potential employers/recruits.