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All public vehicles that use the UK public roads must produce a license showing that the owner has paid the pollution tax. All public vehicles must provide the tax disc as a proof that they have paid the duty. This is meant to fight against the pollutants that the vehicles emit to the atmosphere on public roads. The government of UK introduced this tax to the road users so as to encourage them to reduce as much as possible the pollution effects and the tax can be used to eliminate the adverse effects that are caused by the emissions.

If you want to know more about the tax, just take the tax disc phone number, call them and make inquiries. Here are some of the things you must know about tax disc:


5 things to remember about vehicle license in UK


1. There is exemption or tax reduction on the disabled.

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Those who have physical disabilities are exempted from paying tax or they pay less. One will have to proof that he/she has a disability and inform the relevant authorities. They should provide a certificate from a recognized medical expert clearly indicating the condition of the physical disability. If you are genuinely disabled, you can be exempted from paying tax or pay a certain percentage less.

2. Those vehicles which are not used should not be taxed.

There are those vehicles which are not used by the users. They are always packed. Such vehicles should not be taxed since they do not emit toxic emissions to the atmosphere. The owner should provide a yearly Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN). Failure to provide the certificate, you will be taxed. Therefore all the vehicles that uses the UK roads or packed on its roads should display the tax disc (vehicle licence).

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3. Motorcycles are taxed on engine capacity rather than carbon dioxide emission rates.

There are some of the motorcycles that emit even more CO2 than vehicles. If the carbon dioxide emission rate is the taxation criterion, then they will pay more than the car users. To be fair to them, they are taxed based on their engine capacity. Therefore no matter how much carbon dioxide your vehicle emits, you will pay based on your engine capacity.

4. If your vehicle is equipped with pollution reduction mechanisms at the exhaust system, you will pay less.

Before you are taxed, they will study the pollution level your vehicle have on the environment. If you want to pay less tax, make sure that you install all the pollution reducing systems like the catalytic converters on your vehicle’s exhaust. For those vehicles without catalytic converters and use leaded fuels, they will pay a lot of tax to the state. This is meant by the state to encourage those with vehicles to curb pollution by reducing harmful emissions by their vehicles.

5. Your vehicle should be insured and the driver and vehicle licencing agency (DVLA) must have your name, address and the vehicle’s details before being taxed.

This will allow the taxing authority to know the tax brackets your vehicle will fall. Therefore all this information should be provided to the taxing authority so as to be taxed genuinely.

Those are some of the facts that all the vehicle owners in UK should know concerning tax disc.

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