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As an international student or software developer, Finland offers many rewarding career options. From Nokia in telecommunications to Angry Bird in gaming – Finnish companies often operate globally and are experienced at hiring globally.

Nursing is another highly respected career in Finland that comes with lucrative compensation and benefits packages, while law also boasts significant revenue-generation potential.

1. CEO

As CEO, you make major decisions and oversee all resources within a company, communicating with board members and management team as necessary. This role demands high levels of expertise; thus making it one of the highest paying careers available today in Finland.

A CEO usually earns around 10,300 EUR monthly. Their pay depends on education and experience in their position; to secure one with these qualifications you may require either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration.

Engineers are in high demand on the Finnish job market. Engineers are responsible for designing and testing products as well as analyzing data for report writing to design teams. Engineers may work across industries like construction or technology.

Also referred to as IT architects, these professionals specialize in designing and installing computer systems for businesses and individuals alike. After analyzing system requirements and developing scalable network systems to fulfill them, these architects may interact with clients directly to discuss any necessary adjustments or improvements for their system needs.

Computer systems managers play a vital role in any organization’s IT department, overseeing technology and hardware systems across the organization. Their responsibility includes overseeing projects related to information technology; overseeing employees associated with information technology departments; as well as maintaining current software and hardware systems.

Leasing managers list available rental properties, secure tenants and oversee routine maintenance activities for those properties rented out to tenants, prepare leases and contracts as well as oversee routine maintenance efforts. Other job titles associated with this career path may be leasing agent, leasing executive or leasing consultant.

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2. Bank Manager

Bank management involves overseeing millions in funds and investments entrusted to you as an authority figure, taking on enormous responsibilities with great risks entailing remuneration that stands up against global standards – which makes this profession one of the best jobs available in Finland.

As part of this profession, it requires experience managing both money and a team of people, with this job offering great potential for career advancement and career growth. Furthermore, being part of such an esteemed profession will pay well in return for all your talents and efforts.

While you might not make as much as a surgeon in Finland, you will still make a good living by working in an industry requiring extensive knowledge. Furthermore, this field remains popular and you can count on being well compensated for your services.

As an HR administrator in Finland, you will be in charge of recruiting and training employees while also overseeing company operations. Working in such an international team provides invaluable exposure to business. While the salary in this career field may be competitive depending on industry type and experience level; bonuses play an integral part of overall compensation packages in this sector and meeting revenue goals can bring higher bonuses than others – this makes finding employment in Finland all the more important!

3. Pilot

Being a pilot has long been one of the world’s most sought-after careers, and it’s easy to see why. Piloting a plane filled with passengers safely from point A to B can be immensely satisfying and fulfilling, particularly if any challenges present themselves along the way.

Airline pilots frequently get to experience new cultures through travel. Depending on their routes and schedules, pilots might even stay overnight in one city before moving onto another – providing ample opportunity to experience and explore its culture.

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Becoming a pilot requires extensive training, but can be an incredibly fulfilling career with endless growth potential. Most airlines provide annual raises as well as health benefits like dental and vision coverage. Finnair provides basic pilot training as well as further cabin crew member and flight crew training as well as type rating courses for various aircraft types – check out this video to see what it’s really like training as a pilot in Finland!

4. Software Developer

Software development jobs in Finland provide many opportunities for success and high salaries. You will be responsible for creating the backend of an application while working alongside front-end developers to ensure its design is implemented smoothly, all the while meeting tight deadlines and meeting project goals.

The average software engineer salary in Finland is $55,289 annually; however, this may depend on factors like experience level and industry sector – for instance a more senior software engineer may earn more.

Lawyering is another popular career option in Finland that’s highly in demand, providing lots of income and having a significant effect on society. Lawyers need strong communication skills as well as being adept at handling difficult situations; in addition, preparing reports and understanding the law are required skills.

Being a college professor in Finland can be an extremely fulfilling and financially-rewarding career option. With its attractive salary and long-term stability, becoming one can provide long-term stability – plus you could potentially receive extra funds with your doctorate degree!

Demand for kindergarten teachers in Finland is rising, as children that attend day care or kindergarten tend to be happier in life than anywhere else. A kindergarten teacher typically earns approximately 3,150 euros each month in Finland.

Finland boasts an abundance of IT jobs for people at every skill level ranging from entry-level to senior-level positions, many offering flexible hours that accommodate family life and other obligations. Furthermore, IT is among Finland’s fastest-growing industries.

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5. Nurse

Finland’s excellent healthcare system makes nursing in Finland highly in demand and nurses enjoy high respect in Finland as professionals. Expected salaries tend to be decent and nursing works with customers of all ages as well as specialization options available within various fields. Nurses also find employment at many hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Finland.

Nursing education in Finland is of a very high standard, enabling graduates to work across all nursing disciplines – this is particularly significant given Finland’s nursing shortage and potential jobs abroad for graduates of Finnish nursing programs. Graduates can choose to work in hospitals, home care environments, rehabilitation and nursing homes or medical centers.

Finland is also known for being an employee-friendly country and offering a balanced work-life environment, thanks to its social equality and freedom, giving individuals a chance to create the life that best fits them. Aside from working, people in Finland can spend time enjoying spending time with family and friends outside of work – an activity which helps ensure they remain healthy and content with life.

Anyone interested in studying nursing in Finland should first review a list of universities offering nursing courses. Certain institutions like Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences even offer international student exchange programs that help their students expand their nursing expertise by practicing nursing abroad.

One of the biggest obstacles facing immigrant nurses studying in Finland is learning Finnish – one of the world’s hardest languages to pick up! Communication between nurses and patients relies heavily on fluency with this language; with regular practice you should be able to build it up further.