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Typically, Russia’s top jobs offer high salaries and are in great demand; those interested should start exploring opportunities now to secure themselves one.

Financiers and insurance specialists are among the best jobs available in Russia. Other popular occupations include:

IT Staff

When it comes to Russia’s top highest-paying jobs, those that make the most money often require significant effort. They require experience, training and other qualifications – not only do they pay well above average in other sectors of the economy, but they often also provide prideful satisfaction to their workers.

Quora conducted a survey to identify Russia’s 10 highest-paying jobs and found IT staff, CEOs, and managers as among its 10 highest-paying roles. While these are highly respected positions that provide good salaries, those occupying them should also be mindful of any risks or responsibilities associated with their roles as well as being familiar with cultural context where they operate.

A CEO is responsible for overseeing and making major decisions pertaining to a company, managing financial activity, monitoring performance at all levels, writing quarterly and annual reports as well as communicating with its board of directors, management team and corporate operations. A typical salary for someone working as a CEO in Russia averages 216,000 RUB per month.

Manage an IT department requires extensive planning, coordination and organization. A typical salary for IT managers in Russia typically ranges between 170,000 RUB per month. They are also accountable for hiring IT employees as well as overseeing their daily activities – they should also be available when assistance is required.

Russia, as the second-largest oil exporter, provides many job opportunities within the energy industry and offers ample job vacancies as a major energy supplier. Salaries for oil drillers differ depending on location and job type; typically those working in harsher climates may earn lower wages while those in more desirable locales could potentially earn greater earnings.

If you are considering working as an IT professional in Russia, it is crucial that you gain an understanding of its culture and business environment. Many Russian organizations can be hierarchical and bureaucratic; therefore negotiating deals may prove challenging. Furthermore, many Russians receive some part of their salary legally while receiving the remainder in cash under the table (known as “grey wages”).

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Dental healthcare in Russia is one of the primary areas of concern. Due to Russia’s huge population and rapidly-expanding middle class, clinics and services offering dentistry services have mushroomed across the country. There is high demand for dentists with expertise in specialties like orthodontics or periodontics – those from outside Russia with language skills who understand local business culture may find an edge in competing in this highly-saturated job market.

Getting hired as a dentist in Russia requires completion of an advanced dentistry degree program at a university approved by the Russian Ministry of Education, as well as having received an employment offer from either a dental clinic or hospital, along with a work visa application form and supporting documents, including your passport, academic transcripts, proof of financial support documentation and medical certificate from accredited facilities. Furthermore, an exam on language competence must also be taken at an approved facility.

How to Earn More as a Dentist in Russia

Salary levels vary dramatically for dentists depending on experience and education levels, qualifications (such as fluency in Russian) as well as other factors which could include job location, level of education attained and management skills.

Dental care is an integral component of Russian citizens’ overall wellbeing, making dentistry a highly-desirable profession. Orthodontists and periodontists with specialty knowledge such as orthodontics or periodontics are particularly sought-after; general practitioners with preventive dental services also needing employment. In order to find work as a dentist in Russia, an understanding of local employment markets as well as persistence when searching for positions is vital. If unable to locate one full-time position immediately available, consider taking temporary or part-time jobs instead gaining industry experience or contacts that will increase chances in finding future full-time positions down the road.

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Russia doctors earn an astronomical amount. Not only can their salaries be very lucrative, but also they receive many perks and benefits – for instance a doctor in Moscow could make up to 2,998,500 RUB per year (this could vary based on experience and location).

Plastic surgeons tend to earn much higher earnings than other healthcare professionals due to the immense demand in healthcare sectors worldwide. Plastic surgery specialists can even earn as much as 34 million rubles annually if their work has been completed successfully, which represents an astounding financial return for doing their work well.

If you’re seeking to pursue a medical career, Russian universities offering courses for foreign students could be just what you’re looking for. Most require students to have completed high school education first – though exact requirements will differ between schools. Be sure to research what tuition will cost and whether or not it fits into your budget before making this important decision.

Russia offers many top medical universities that accept international students, so you can select a course to fit your preferences and qualifications. Once completed, graduates can seek employment in clinics or hospitals throughout Russia; alternatively they could pursue postgraduate studies or research work.

Studying medicine is only part of your journey in Russia; there’s so much more you can discover about its culture and language! Russia is an extremely popular study destination among international students, making friends easily with locals along the way.

Russian medical universities offer you an amazing opportunity to practice anywhere around the globe. Their degrees are recognized by both India’s Medical Council and Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, providing endless possibilities. You could pursue research or even entrepreneurship – it’s up to you! This is an ideal career path for those passionate about medicine who wish to make a positive change in society.


As one of the world’s largest countries with 11 time zones and an abundance of diverse regions and cultural experiences ranging from Moscow’s iconic Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square to Saint Petersburg’s stunning Mariinsky Ballet productions – Russia offers something to everyone.

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English teaching jobs in Russia tend to be found at private language schools or international schools where you will often work with children. Starting salaries typically average $650 USD monthly for new teachers; however this can increase significantly with experience and location. Private tutoring services are another common way English teachers in Russia augment their income stream.

Demand for TEFL teachers is far exceeding supply, particularly at top international schools where a bachelor’s degree and relevant teaching experience are often necessary. Therefore, when selecting a reputable school it’s vitally important that they offer accommodation as well as work visas if you aren’t coming from one of their country. Benefits at these schools may also include flight reimbursement programs and even free housing options!

Most Russian teachers supplement their salary with additional work as private English tutors during their free time, often taking on extra tutoring hours at school or company locations they teach at. This is often an excellent opportunity to make extra cash as many of your students will already be eager to learn!

Even though the country may seem cold and distant, teaching English in Russia can be an exciting endeavor. You will enjoy an exciting career filled with history that will impress both your students and you alike! Teaching in Russia offers rewarding career prospects and experiences.

Pack plenty of layers when travelling to teach in Russia as it can get quite cold at the end of a school year and in winter. Additionally, it’s worth keeping in mind that Russia boasts 23 UNESCO Heritage sites including Lake Baikal, Saint Petersburg’s Historic Center with Related Groups of Monuments, and The Hermitage Museum – which should all be visited.