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Mexico boasts many companies operating industries with high salaries for employees, such as IT and manufacturing. These sectors also boast plenty of jobs available.

Studies conducted by IMCO with figures provided by INEGI reveal that Medicine ranks first as Mexico’s highest-paying professions, while Educational Guidance and Counseling provides lower remuneration levels.

1. Medicine

According to the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), health-related careers, including medicine, are among the highest paid in Mexico. However, this figure primarily represents doctors and other highly trained medical personnel; nurses and specialized cleaning staff tend to receive lower salaries; nonetheless this profession offers great career prospects for anyone hoping to work in Mexico.

Industrial engineering is another high-paying profession in Mexico that can open doors at companies such as Softtek or IBM – both are renowned international firms with generous salary packages available both locally and abroad. Furthermore, this career offers plenty of room for advancement.

Marketing in Mexico is another high-paying, in-demand career field, particularly digital marketing as more businesses require online promotion of their products and services. According to Nomad Capitalist’s survey, marketing was among the five fastest-growing careers in Mexico in 2015.

No matter the field in which you plan to work, it is crucial to conduct thorough research regarding average salaries before making a definitive decision. Some industries such as agriculture or hospitality tend to offer much lower wages compared to others – although living expenses in Mexico tend to be significantly cheaper than your native country.

As Mexico’s economy continues to expand, it will be fascinating to observe how this affects average salaries. So far, finance, technology, engineering, agriculture tourism or retail appear to offer higher compensation while other professions such as agriculture tourism retail or agriculture pay less; but other factors should be taken into consideration, including job vacancies available and competition for these positions.

2. Engineering

Engineering is one of Mexico’s best career options, offering not only lucrative incomes to its practitioners but also changing lives for the better, whether through improved transportation systems, medical devices and technologies, or discovering cleaner energy sources.

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According to the Mexican Competitivity Institute (IMCO), professionals holding university degrees earn on average 1749 pesos per month–more than double what someone with just a high school diploma would. Remuneration varies significantly across industries and jobs in Mexico; therefore it’s wise to conduct extensive research prior to making your career decision.

Ford, General Electric and Honeywell are among several large corporations who outsource some of their work to Mexico to reduce labor costs while taking advantage of its skilled labor pool, competitive wages, modern infrastructure and proximity to North America.

An engineering career offers many benefits, from stable pay and job security to designing solutions beneficial to society. Furthermore, this profession provides opportunities for travel, improved work-life balance and the chance to use your knowledge and abilities to change lives.

To select an ideal career path, it’s essential to carefully weigh all options available to you and take your personal interests and aptitudes into account. While certain industries may offer higher salaries than others, the key is selecting one that supports long-term goals while aligning with abilities and personality – those with analytical minds may excel in fields like engineering, business administration and finance, for instance.

3. Architecture

As an English-speaker, it may come as a shock that Mexico can be an excellent place for finding high-paying jobs. While its average salary may not match up with that in developed nations, living costs tend to be far cheaper – meaning you can afford to live comfortably while exploring all that Mexico offers!

Although salaries in Mexico vary considerably by industry, location and experience level, certain careers offer above-average pay. Some of the highest paying careers include medicine, engineering and architecture – three professions which also hold great promise of growth over time according to data provided by IMCO; those holding university degrees earn 72% more than those only possessing high school diplomas.

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Teaching in Mexico offers above-average pay and is particularly attractive to people who possess both a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification in their chosen subject area. Teaching also presents unique travel and cultural immersion opportunities that few other jobs can match.

Banking and insurance jobs offer above-average pay in Mexico. They make an ideal career option for people interested in finance, with advancement opportunities. Furthermore, this profession is widely respected throughout Mexico; additionally it’s considered highly secure and stable compared to many other professions. If considering such roles for yourself be sure to research any necessary qualifications/requirements of each role; doing this can help determine if it is indeed your ideal path forward – compare this figure against salaries available elsewhere before making your final decision!

4. Nursing

Nursing offers one of the top careers in Mexico. According to the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), it has an employment rate of 95% – making it one of the most sought-after profiles on the labor market.

Additionally, this profession provides a lucrative salary. People with only high school diplomas typically make an average monthly salary of 17,846 pesos; individuals who hold university degrees earn an average monthly income of 24,051 pesos – even more than professionals with bachelor’s degrees in other fields like engineering or computer technology!

Enrolling full time nurses in Mexico’s health insurance system known as Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), which covers basic medical services and hospitalization at a fraction of their usual costs, makes their choice much more attractive as it allows them to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while working in an economical nation. For this reason, many foreign nationals choose this profession in Mexico over working elsewhere; many choose it so they can experience its affordable lifestyle while enjoying professional fulfillment in a far cheaper country than their native homeland.

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Mexico may boast high pay, yet despite this it should be noted that there remains a wide wage gap between men and women, as well as below global average minimum wages, meaning low-income workers don’t receive sufficient payment to support their basic needs. When considering working in Mexico it is advisable to research compensation rates by field and industry before undertaking their journey; tools like Everhour offer this functionality for freelancers or employees tracking earnings to make sure they’re receiving fair compensation.

5. Accounting

Accounting professionals often command some of the highest salaries in Mexico’s finance industry, where firms such as Grupo Financiero Banorte, BBVA Bancomer and Citibanamex are major employers in this field. Other sectors offering competitive salary levels include manufacturing and IT–particularly roles requiring software development or cybersecurity expertise – where higher wages tend to be offered in general.

Although Mexico’s average salary may be lower than in some other countries, it still can provide people with meaningful work and a good quality of life. Just like elsewhere, an increased education can open doors for better job prospects – those holding bachelor degrees typically make twice as much than those holding only high school diplomas.

Selecting an ideal career is one of the most significant decisions a person can make, so we have created this list of Mexico’s best careers that provide adequate pay, have positive impacts on society, and are expected to flourish over time.

Mexico’s economy is flourishing quickly, offering more employment opportunities for those interested in working there. Individuals with the necessary education and experience can find work in fields such as business, IT engineering and healthcare. Many Mexicans speak English which makes non-native speakers easier to find employment; nonetheless it remains essential to learn their language as Mexicans often have different timing expectations compared to Americans – sometimes showing up for meetings late or even missing them altogether!