Best Careers in Argentina

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Expats looking for work in Argentina have several options open to them, from working at a global company’s branch office in Argentina to freelancing or the informal market jobs.

In Argentina, full-time positions typically pay at least 40 hours each week and companies must include health insurance as part of the contract.

1. Financial Analyst

Analyzing accounting records to support financial operations and providing explanations of income and balance sheet variances. Also monitors profitability trends while offering methods and ideas to enhance results; acting as back up to Manager of Finance team.

Financial Control ensures financial accuracy of all project expenses including, but not limited to: revenue, profit, receivables, unbilled invoices and capital expenditures. Also provides timely, accurate and comprehensive reporting to the Management Committee.

IDB Invest funds projects and companies that promote economic development, social progress and environmental sustainability while encouraging their replication across other nations. With its mission of building inclusive societies for all people everywhere, this Bank works toward making our world more just.

Financial Analysts in Argentina can earn a generous salary, especially those with extensive experience and advanced degrees. Many employers require candidates to negotiate salary, so it is wise to negotiate for as much as possible when negotiating for starting salaries and future raises. Starting salary negotiations can set the precedent for future increases via promotions or employer changes – these strategies could help Financial Analysts in Argentina reach high salaries.

2. IT Specialist

Argentina is an ideal location for finding remote tech jobs, thanks to its strong financial technology sector and early adoption of emerging technologies. Companies looking to grow international teams often choose Argentina as an ideal location.

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Argentine workers are highly-regarded for their talent and work ethic, making them attractive candidates for remote roles. Plus, their salaries are highly competitive with US and European wages – creating an ideal situation for employers and employees alike.

An Information Technology Specialist in Argentina may expect to earn between $643,800 and $1,011,500 per year, the exact figure depending on experience level and geographical area.

Bumeran, an Ibero-American job board that operates across seven countries and boasts more than 1.7 million monthly visits, boasts 21,000 job ads posted in Argentina – of which about 100 are written in English – while its competitor Zonajobs owned by HR technology company Jobint sees nearly 900,000 visits each month in Argentina alone.

Argentina provides many volunteer opportunities for those looking for something more active in their roles. The Fundacion Banco de Alimentos welcomes volunteers who want to assist with managing its food bank and distributing supplies throughout Buenos Aires’ suburbs, while Aldea Luna eco-lodge accepts those interested in working within its stunning nature reserve.

3. Accountant

Accounting is an in-demand career field, offering numerous avenues of advancement. To succeed in accounting, however, one must understand Argentina’s compensation landscape in order to be successful in this endeavor.

Chevron’s Buenos Aires Shared Services Center (BASSC) provides financial accounting services to operating companies, business units and corporate departments worldwide in over 18 countries. BASSC offers careers for employees from diverse disciplines and levels of experience.

Reporting directly to the Region South Supervisor, the Accountant & Statutary Lead provides US GAAP accounting support and local statutory accounting/reporting processes along with indirect tax filings primarily for Chile affiliate.

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4. Sales Representative

Sales Representatives in Argentina typically enjoy significant salaries. On average, annual pay raises average 9% although this can vary according to industries and companies. Some roles may offer larger bonuses depending on revenue generated for their companies.

Argentina stands out as a unique blend of European and Latin influences, creating an irresistibly vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty that lure visitors. Capital Buenos Aires charms visitors with its cosmopolitan cultural scene and historic monuments; Patagonia mesmerizes visitors with its rugged mountain peaks and glaciers that beguile.

Argentina may be large, but its bus network connects all corners of its land. Plataforma 10 makes timetables and booking tickets simple while cama (lie-flat) seats offer additional comfort on longer journeys.

Working Holiday Visas allow young citizens from Australia, New Zealand and Denmark to live and work in Argentina for up to 12 months each year. While the application process requires considerable paperwork and can cost between 200-300 USD in fees, this visa is an incredible way to immerse oneself in local culture while taking advantage of some of the finest steaks and Malbec around.

Volunteering is another fantastic way to explore Argentina’s vibrant culture and natural splendor while giving back to the community. Many organizations provide tailor-made volunteering packages, but you could also find your own opportunities – Aldea Luna accepts volunteers to assist with maintaining its natural reserve while Conservacion Patagonica welcomes helpers to contribute in creating new national parks.

5. Marketing Manager

Argentina is a South American nation that boasts one of Latin America’s fastest-growing tech ecosystems. Buenos Aires in particular stands out as an innovator and is considered Silicon Valley of South America, making it an ideal location for marketing managers seeking work. Salary negotiations should always be undertaken, so try to secure as high a starting salary as possible in order to set expectations for further raises down the line.

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6. Sales Representative

Sales Representative salaries depend on location, company and skillset; however, the average annual salary averages out to approximately 365,400 ARS per year. Salary depends on experience in the field – those with less than two years’ worth of experience typically earn around 167,500 ARS on average while between five to ten years experience earn an increase that brings it up to about 255700 ARS; thereafter this starts increasing significantly with 20+ year experience workers receiving around 457300 ARS per year on average.

Bonuses play an integral part in how much an Argentine Sales Representative makes; typically between 5-9 per cent of their base salary in this instance.

Remember that most employers will expect job candidates to negotiate their starting salary in order to secure the optimal starting wage in their new role, while simultaneously showing confidence and assertiveness which may lead to future promotions within their company.