Best Careers in South America

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South America is home to some of the most vibrant cultures on Earth. Experience cuisine or discover exotic wildlife; this continent has it all!

This region, composed of 12 countries (plus French Guiana as an overseas department of France) covers more area than both the United States and Mexico combined. Career opportunities available here offer impressive remuneration and security to professionals.

1. Teaching

South America is an ideal location for educators looking to teach English abroad. Boasting lush natural landscapes, historic relics, and bustling cities that will enable you to flourish as an educator; plus it is generally safe – with exceptions being certain areas in Peru and Bolivia.

If you’re thinking about teaching in South America, begin by researching its top destinations and studying their salaries and living costs. Teachers in most South American cities can live comfortably off of their monthly salary while supplementing it by providing private tutoring sessions or even taking private students as tutoring clients.

Argentina, for instance, boasts a high demand for English teachers at language schools in major cities like Buenos Aires. Furthermore, living costs in Argentina tend to be lower than in other South American nations, making it easier to eke out an income teaching English abroad.

Colombia has quickly become an attractive teaching location in Latin America, and Bogota in particular has quickly become a hotbed for TEFL teachers. Teachers working here can expect to earn an excellent wage while some may even take on additional teaching jobs to supplement their income.

Additionally to these popular teaching destinations in Latin America, there are plenty of other locations where pursuing a career in education can be pursued. Teachers with experience can utilize volunteer programs to gain experience before seeking full-time employment as professional teachers. You may also find teaching jobs advertised on classified ad sites and Facebook groups. Commonly, teachers secure employment after arriving in Latin American countries rather than prior to leaving home. If you want to ensure you secure employment before departing home, apply for a visa while still in your own country or enroll in an online TEFL course that can prepare you for teaching adventures in Latin America.

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2. Mining

Mining industry companies specialize in exploring and extracting precious metals and minerals for manufacturing purposes, producing raw materials used in machines, computers, automobiles and buildings – plus energy commodities like coal and petroleum! Most profitable mining firms possess access to large reserves of one mineral. They are highly preferred over cleaning and maintenance.

Mining offers many people an exciting career option with high pay and travel opportunities. Mining salaries depend on location, experience and job title; in general though they tend to be higher in countries with lower living costs and more relaxed work regulations – for instance Bolivia boasts some of the highest wages paid out; Peru follows and Argentina.

An effective way to increase your odds of landing a job in this industry is by working for a company based out of Latin American country. Furthermore, having a basic grasp of Spanish will facilitate communication among co-workers more easily – so being bilingual should always be prioritized!

Mining can be an attractive career option, yet the industry does come with its share of pitfalls. While mining brings significant economic gains, its operations can cause lasting environmental damage in regions where it operates – effects which may last centuries or millennia after their initial damage has been done.

Mining can often be seen as an avenue to economic advancement in many countries, and is widely promoted as such by governments. Extractions is touted by governments as a means to stimulate the economy, fund new hospitals and schools, improve infrastructure, or boost employment rates – but governments don’t tell people the full consequences of mining in press releases or Environmental Impact Statements: lasting ecological damage may ensue from this practice.

Miners who find success are those with specialized skills like geologists or engineers. Mining jobs can be lucrative, yet often require long hours and remote locations. Anyone considering working in the mining industry should carefully consider their personal needs and ensure they have an international health insurance policy to help navigate any difficulties that come their way while limiting financial risk.

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3. Tourism

If you love traveling and exploring, working abroad in South America could be the perfect opportunity. From ancient history relics and natural wonders, to vibrant cultures that cater to everyone. Jobs available throughout South America provide great chances for professional growth.

Tourism is an integral component of South American economies and continues to expand rapidly. Numerous factors play a part in its rapid development: increased competition in the region, regulatory improvements and demographic shifts are all factors. Latin America is especially appealing for retirees and baby boomers who tend to travel more readily than previous generations – this trend should continue fuelling hotel and tourism company expansion.

South America offers English speakers many short term and seasonal jobs that allow them to explore its culture while making an impactful difference in young lives. You could become a teacher in Argentina or an adventure tour guide in Brazil. Additionally, taking a TEFL course and teaching English could also help get a work visa while exploring local culture while making a difference for future generations.

Buenos Aires is one of the top cities for teaching English, boasting beautiful parks and cafes that make teaching English easy and comfortable. Additionally, its vibrant arts scene hosts numerous cultural events while it remains safe with an average wage of EUR38,000.

Tourism in Brazil is flourishing, with over half the country’s population having access to the internet. Tourism firms are seeking employees with experience in digital marketing and customer service roles as they experience rapid expansion. Furthermore, understanding Portuguese is often required as part of tourism positions in Brazil.

Are you a fast learner who is enthusiastic about travel? The Operations Specialist role at Knowmad Adventures will give you an incredible opportunity to become acquainted with all departments while developing your career in custom South American travel planning.

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4. Journalism

People tend to perceive journalism as an attractive career option. They see news anchors with flashy pens and glamorous bylines and assume reporters spend most of their time meeting celebrities and world leaders. Although some aspects of journalism may appear glamorous, there are many equally important and fulfilling aspects that make the job worth doing as well.

One of the greatest aspects of being a journalist is being an observer and influencer of current events and trends. You get to interact with all sorts of interesting and influential people from every walk of life who all influence how society perceives current affairs and trends.

Being a journalist is such a great career option because you have complete freedom over what topics and subjects to cover in your writing, plus there’s the possibility of writing books or media for reading consumption later down the road as an established journalist.

As for careers in South America, there’s so much that can be accomplished! Work in agriculture can be rewarding and diverse; from tropical crops such as coffee and cacao to temperate ones such as wheat, barley, cotton and meat products – and everything in between!

South America provides opportunities for environmental and community development work of all sorts, from supporting indigenous communities in Peru to helping establish fair trade coffee co-ops in Brazil. You could also assist wildlife conservation efforts – an issue especially pertinent in an area with such abundant rainforest resources as South America.

South America offers endless career possibilities for those seeking variety in their life experiences. No matter if it’s for gap year travel, university studies or simply experiencing life in another culture – there is sure to be something suitable to your interests in South America!