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When thinking about countries where salaries are really high, people rarely consider Sweden. As you will easily notice from the examples above, this is a clear misconception. The Northern Europe country offers some of the highest living standards in the continent and you do gain access to so many worker benefits that are among the best in the entire world. This does include free healthcare, subsidized daycare, paid leave and unlimited sick days. We do have some really high tax rates but we also have some of the highest of all the salaries in the European Union, together with the perks. Keep in mind that all the salaries listed are on a per year basis.

Vice President – 186,000 EUR

Vice President

The vice president of an organization is responsible for helping the firm to achieve various financial objectives and goals, while also increasing the performance of operations. They will share information and report directly to a board. This professional needs to be pretty good at identifying and solving problems, must hold strong leadership skills and translate company policies into a daily routine operation. In most situations a business bachelors is needed and employers tend to ask for an experience of around 7 years. Executive level experience is always a plus.

Oncology/Hematology Physician – 95,000 EUR

Oncology-Hematology Physician

Such medical professionals will offer a direct patient care that is specific to the settings of the patient and the ambulatory clinic. Obviously, there is a need to go through the 4 years medicine education, together with the 3 years training program that is specialized in internal medicine. Then, you have to go through a fellowship in oncology-hematology. The career path is long but the salary is good.

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Enterprise Architectural Manager – 88,000 EUR

Enterprise Architectural Manager

There are various duties that exist and part of them relate to complete operations service provision and application management, business process outsourcing and custom development. The professional will implement, design and plan solutions in order to analyze and deliver information in a way that is efficient with the goal of having a competitive advantage on the market. Various exact training programs will be necessary and education is highly important. However, you also need an experience of over 6 years in relevant industry or consulting positions in order to be considered for the enterprise architectural manager position.

Project Manager – 84,000 EUR

Project Manager

Obviously, the job description does tend to vary a lot from one position to the next. The project manager is almost always necessary to achieve proper operational strategies. They are involved in both the preparation and the completion of action plans. You will see them in customer service, quality control, productivity meetings, trend identification and a whole lot more. Skills needed vary but most project managers need to have high critical thinking, be leaders, influencers, have high organizing skills and problem solving skills.

Managing Director – 82,000 EUR

Managing Director

A managing director will oversee a company’s overall performance and management, reporting directly to directors boards. In addition, the professional has to establish the new business contracts, develop strategic sales and marketing plans and focus on boosting company efficiency and profitability. Every single successful managing director in Sweden is results oriented, can interact really well with clients and holds a strong business development understanding. Besides formal education, based on point of employment, technical knowledge may be needed to be considered for the job.

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