How Can You Avoid Tilt As You Bet On Sports?

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It is really hard to talk about sports betting and not hear the word “tilt”. This is something that often appears in gambling. Avoiding sports betting tilt needs to be avoided at all costs.

Tilt basically happens as you do not control yourself as wagers are made. Typically, it all starts as you take bad beats or you lose the bet you placed on a game that you were 100% sure will be a winner. After such a lost bet you tend to make more bets in order to get back the money you lost. The problem is the bets you place are not what you normally make. It is also common that you bet more than what you normally would. As more bets are lost, more money is put on bets and you get to lose even more. If this process continues, it is what we normally refer to as a bettor “being on tilt”.

How can you avoid sports betting tilt?

Use Standard Bet Sizes

A really common reason why sports bettors go on tilt is that a bet was lost for a higher amount than the typical amounts. As an example, when you often place $10 bets and you bet $100 on one game, if that bet is lost, tilt feelings start to appear. The desire is to make money back. If you want to avoid this unwanted situation, you absolutely need to avoid placing the larger bets.

Try to pick a bet “unit”, an amount you are completely comfortable with. Then, stick to it. There is no 1 game that is more important. If you do feel like you want to bet more, simply increase the amount by just a little. As you stick to standard bet sizing you manage to avoid most of the sports betting tilt that tends to appear.

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Chasing Bets Is Bad

It is very important that you have a betting plan and you stick to it. You want to lay out games, make bets and actually enjoy games. As a game is lost, one of the worst mistakes you could make is to rush back into it and chase the loss by placing an impulse bet. This normally leads to even more money being lost. Eventually, you are going to be faced with tilt. A single lost game is never a reason for a bad bet. You have so many other games to bet on and more days in which you can bet.

Walking Away

Whenever you feel like you are getting close to tilt or you are on tilt, you want to walk away. Simply take the entire night off and do not place any more bets. Sometimes, people actually need to take several days off. No matter what you decide, be sure that your mind is completely focused when you get back to betting. Taking a break is basically the easiest way in which you can avoid tilt, even if it is much easier said than done.