The Best Careers in Finland

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When moving to Finland, building up your professional network can help ensure you find a job in your field of study.

Learning Finnish should also be part of your career plans – many companies require it, and it’s an excellent way to explore a country like Finland.


If you want to work in Finland, there are various options available to you. The country boasts an ideal work-life balance and offers competitive wages; furthermore, Finland is considered one of the best places in Europe to live and offers jobs ranging from IT support and manufacturing production.

Surgeons in Finland can earn an astronomically high income. This is because being a surgeon requires critical working skills and extensive training. Plus, its risky nature justifies its higher pay. So if you’re considering becoming part of the medical field, consider becoming a surgeon!

Finland boasts an average annual salary for top surgeons of 387,365 euros; this salary includes a bonus of 98,584 euros. Your compensation may depend upon multiple factors including experience level and education – for instance a physician with a Doctorate degree earns 29% more than someone holding only a Bachelor’s degree.

Another popular career choice in Finland is bank management. While this career offers great remuneration and benefits, it also comes with immense responsibility. Bank managers must oversee hundreds of millions in investments and funds. Furthermore, they must manage complex tasks while making decisions which affect thousands of people at any one time.

Finland offers an outstanding healthcare system. Many hospitals regularly feature on international lists as top performers; its nurses and doctors boast world-class expertise. All employees also qualify for occupational healthcare as a free service provided by employers – this service includes preventative screenings as well as treatment of work-related injuries or illnesses as well as disability benefits and health insurance benefits.


Lawyers interested in Finland can expect an extremely successful and respectable career as lawyers can earn up to 17,900 euros annually in this country and play an instrumental role in people’s lives, not to mention being highly satisfying due to requiring vast knowledge.

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Furthermore, Singapore offers an ideal learning and personal growth environment for children due to its top ranking on the happiness index and people freely offering warm smiles to strangers. Furthermore, expats find Singapore an attractive career option due to its high salaries, favorable working environments, and numerous growth opportunities.

An attorney in Finland is known as an “asianajaja”, and must complete both a three-year Bachelor of Laws program and two-year Master of Laws program before taking part in state public service commission examinations and receiving licensing by the Finnish Bar Association in order to practice as an advocate.

Note that the salary of a lawyer in Finland varies significantly with their years of experience. Attorneys with less than two years will typically earn around 57,360 euros, but with additional years under their belts this number will skyrocket.

As well, it is also essential to remember that there are multiple fields for lawyers in Finland. Law students at the University of Helsinki, for instance, will find themselves very employable as they enter international business law careers after graduation. Finding your niche field of law will increase your odds of finding work in Finland.

Bank Manager

Banking careers in Finland are highly sought after professions. Not only can it pay well, but banking also offers great work-life balance and allows flexible working from home options. Banking is an ideal way for anyone who wants to make plenty of money while living and enjoying one of Finland’s beautiful countries.

Bank managers can choose to work in small local branches or large national financial institutions, depending on their experience and skill level, earning as much as EUR 67 172 per month depending on experience and skill. They must possess an eye for detail so that they can record client data accurately while creating documents such as loan agreements and new account paperwork for clients.

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Nursing in Finland is another highly paid job; nurses typically earn around EUR 3,150 monthly. Finland is also an attractive destination for IT professionals; as one of the global tech hubs and home to Linux and Nokia. Furthermore, its IT industry is growing rapidly and presents international professionals with exciting career opportunities.

Are you seeking a high-paying career that makes a significant positive contribution to society? Consider becoming a teacher in Finland! With just a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate, teachers can find positions teaching English as a second language in Helsinki or other Finnish cities. TEFL certification provides excellent pay and benefits as well as being fun and rewarding experience that could further your career growth – not to mention that its friendly working environment and top-tier educational institutions make Finland number one for happiness index.


Airlines pilot careers offer some of the highest pay and benefits in Finland, making this profession one of the top choices. Although challenging and requiring intensive training, becoming an airline pilot can be both exciting and fulfilling – which makes this job one of the highest demand ones! If you’re interested in this career path, obtain your commercial pilot license first before applying to airlines for jobs as flight instructor/first officer positions.

After gaining experience in aviation, one may qualify to apply for a senior pilot position. He or she must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics and aviation management; an ideal airline pilot would possess bilingual fluency in Finnish and English as well as possessing both a valid commercial pilot’s licence and simulator rating as well as holding at least type ratings for various aircraft types.

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Notably, the salary of a pilot varies with years of experience. On average, pilots with less than two years’ experience typically earn about 58,800 euros annually, but this number increases with greater experience; an experienced pilot with five to 10 years will usually make around an estimated annual average income of 104,080 euros per year.

College Professor

Finland is an attractive choice for individuals seeking high wages while living in a sound economy. Professor careers offer great work-life balance as well as attractive pay, making Finland an excellent option.

Bachelor-graduates who possess both TEFL certification and a bachelor’s degree may find this lucrative profession an attractive one to enter, earning up to 12,600 euros monthly as teachers in Finland. Furthermore, professors should possess an understanding of its culture and language in order to become professors themselves.

Finland students devote less time and energy to homework and studying than any other country in the world. With only a handful of classes each day and several breaks provided to eat, relax, and socialize with their teachers, this allows students to focus more on learning than worrying about grades or extra assignments.

Finnish universities are highly selective when hiring professors to teach. Professors must possess excellent research in their fields and be on track for tenured positions – this means it could take quite some time before finding teaching work in Finland.

Engineers are highly sought after on Finland’s job market. Engineers can easily earn significant income and are constantly in high demand; moreover, engineers often find work within various industries where they can enjoy lucrative bonuses and benefits packages.

Software development is the top career option in Finland for engineers. This sector is one of the fastest-growing worldwide and offers generous salaries. Software development provides engineers an outlet to use their creativity and problem-solving abilities while working alongside a talented team.